BAM Bushing Installation Instructions

Photos and instructions by smokeyjones.  His original album can be found here.

1) First, follow the basic disassembly procedure for the Ruger Mark III 22/45 as outlined in the Owner's Manual, or refer to the numerous youtube videos and online pictorials. Your Ruger Mark III may differ from mine, but the basic operating principles are the same. In depicting this process, I am merely outlining the method I used to perform the procedure described within. You and you alone are responsible for the actions you perform on your own firearm, and assume all responsibility for verifying that removal of the Magazine Disconnector is legal according to your local laws.

2) I have very gently placed this in my vice to show the workings of the pistol mechanism.
3) We will be partially removing the Hammer Pivot Pin in order to remove the Hammer Bushing, Hammer Assembly, Magazine Disconnector, and Magazine Disconnector Spring. The Hammer Bushing will be replaced with a new one that is designed to take the place of the Magazine Disconnector and Magazine Disconnector Spring, and then installed into the pistol frame.
4) A view of the components before we begin.


6) Use a small screwdriver or other tool to gently push the Sear Spring toward the rear of the frame until it clears the groove in the Hammer Pivot Pin. While holding the Sear Spring clear, very slowly push the Hammer Pivot pin from the other side toward the direction of the Sear Spring until the Hammer Bushing is freed from the Hammer Pivot Pin.

NOTE: Yellow text only applies to 22/45 models.

7) If the Hammer Pivot Pin is pushed too far, the Sear Spring and Safety Lever Assembly will need to be reassembled before the remaining fire control components can be installed.

8) Gently lift up on the Hammer and Disconnector Assemblies. The Hammer Assembly and associated components will be freed from the Disconnector Assembly once those components have cleared the frame.
9) With the Hammer Assembly and associated components removed.
10) This is for reference only, we will be removing all components except for the Hammer Assembly.

11) Another view for reference.

14) Here we have the BAM Bushing for Ruger Mark III and 22/45
15) Visual comparison between the Ruger factory bushing and the BAM Bushing. The BAM Bushing is manufactured with a slightly larger outer diameter compared to the Ruger factory bushing, the purpose of which is to remove any slop or play between the Hammer Assembly and the Hammer Bushing.
16) The BAM Bushing installed in the Ruger factory hammer. I coated the new bushing with a light layer of oil, then very gently tapped it into place with a rubber mallet.  Due to Ruger's manufacturing tolerances and those of aftermarket hammer manufacturers, some fitting with emory cloth may be required. 
17) Views of the Hammer Assembly with the BAM Bushing installed.
18) Reinstalling the Hammer Assembly with the BAM Bushing is much simpler without the Magazine Disconnector components in the way. The Sear can make things a little finicky here, and may need to be actuated to get the Hammer Assembly and the new Hammer Bushing to align properly.
19) Once you have the components aligned, slowly push the Hammer Pivot Pin back into the pistol frame.
20) Here we are with the new components correctly installed.
21) From this point, you may reassemble your pistol according to the instructions in the Ruger Owner's Manual.
22) Congratulations, you win. Gaze upon your newly-modified possession. Pick it up, press the Magazine Latch, and marvel as your magazine drops free from the pistol. Squeal with giddy joy as you disassemble your Mark III with ease. Or quit playing with your pistol and put it away, you're really acting silly and you should stop that now.

Thanks to smokeyjones for taking pictures and writing the above instructions.  His original album can be found here or by clicking the thumbnail to the left.